Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guarding the Territory

  Lori caught 2 coyotes getting close in the back yard.  The dogs were baring away, but the coyotes seemed to know that the dogs wouldn't go beyond the "Invisible Fence", and didn't seem too concerned, which is a little troubling.  They back off with humans around though.  The coyotes parked themselves a hundred yards away and watched Teddy guard his terrain.  Interestingly, when we let Max out, who isn't constrained by the fence, and when he when down into the valley behind the house, the coyotes got up quick and took off.  Max isn't inclined to go chasing after them, so things seem comfortable enough as it is.

  This morning I took the dogs out back for a hike.  The coyotes seem not to come round when the "pack" is out.  The dogs won't walk with me through the barrier, and I load them all up in the Landcruiser and take a ride to the end of the driveway, and off we go.
  Lori also got a nice shot of a doe eyeing the bird-feeder again.  We've kept the back feeder empty to discourage them.  It may end up that we simply will have to cage all the feeders.

  Last weekend we had some great weather.  At the local ranch store where I get our birdseed, they were selling outdoor benches, wood and wrought iron, that looked attractive and I thought would look good in the back.  Of course, assembly was required and Lori caught me working on a Sunday.

Some new visitors to the back yard.  We hadn't seen this pair before

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