Sunday, November 09, 2008

Staining Started

For the last couple of weeks, some finish up work has been done, refining the trim on the woodwork, working on finishing up the heating system, some concrete fill-in in the basement etc. Lori has been working on paint color selection, and met with a color coordinator from Guiry's paint to make selections. She got some interesting ideas and it should look cool.

The floors all were covered with plastic, a lot of taping done, and they have started staining the wood. The initial application is done. There is a second coat, then sanding and fill in of wood defects and covering nail holes, and a final seal is applied to all the wood. The color certainly gives the inside a different look. The initial coat is a little dull looking, but the later coats will enhance the richness.

The color is all the same. Flash and different lighting gives the wood a different hue. Below is the master sitting room fireplace, and below that the bar in the basement. This has granite tops. The legs in front and some of the trim in back of the bar will have black staining for a two tone contrast, as in the kitchen.

The study, and the guest master sitting room fireplace wall. The shelves to the right have a niche for a TV

The entryway stairs. The framing on the wall will hold glass panels and borders the dining room. The plan is to have etched or stained glass eventually..

Teddy is growing fast and now weighs about 30 pounds. He seems "dense", and doesn't look as if he weighs that much. Pretty solid. He now is mostly housebroke, but we have to be aware if he needs to go out as he doesn't have a lot of holding reserves! He also hasn't changed his schedule with us for Daylight Savings, and still gets up at the same time in the morning, 5:30 AM from what was 6:30.

Here's Teddy keeping me company as I get in the last heat of the day from the sun.

He's been going to obedience training, but we aren't as diligent as we should be in keeping up between lessons. It was a lot of stuff for a puppy to learn. Me too.

Lori and Teddy at class.

Max and Teddy get along great and seem to be best buds, although Teddy can get a little too pesky and annoying. I'm glad we have Max to keep him out of our hair at times. Teddy follows Max around everywhere, and we just need to call Max to come to find Teddy. It's handy out at the lot. Max just needs a little attention once in awhile and he's good.

We had 3 dogs for a day. Lori found a large poodle wandering around. Unfortunately, he had no tags. He did have a microchip that wasn't registered. He was a well behaved and obedient dog. I walked him around the neighborhood and I wished he could teach Max how to do that. I haven't been able to convince Max walking on a leash is a lot easier without trying to dislocate my shoulder. Anyways, we put signs up and later that day the owner, who lives about a block away, gave us a call and was greatly relieved we had her dog. He apparently had dug out under a fence. Lori wants them to visit. Te poor dog was rescued from a farm where he was kept outside in a wire cage, just for breeding. His teeth were damaged from trying to chew out. The current owner had given him up, but when she found out how he was treated demanded him back.

I've been getting used to the idea of "President Obama". I am still, however, a little stunned.

Oh brother, does anyone think there is a government office of President Elect.

Better get this stuff in while we still have a 1st Amendment.

OK, I still think it's goofy to have a Seal devoted to it, but "office of pres elect" might be real. See here, here, here, and here.