Monday, August 25, 2008

New Things

We got a new puppy. Lori and I went to a puppy rescue, that takes in unwanted pups and puts them up for adoption. We just go in, pick which one we want, and make a donation. We got a feisty little guy that looks like part German Shepherd and part Husky, plus maybe some others. So far, he plays a bit, eats a bit, and sleeps a lot.

That took most of our Saturday. On Sunday, we stopped by the house to see what's new. More trim work wit hbase boards, around the fireplaces, and more work on the bar. So far it looks cool.

The guest master fireplace and builtins got finished up. Stone will go around the fireplace metal.

The master bath marble also was fitted and placed, Rainforest Brown.

The front driveway circle also was poured. The middle is left open as an island for landscaping plants and trees.

After our inspection, we were ready to take off for a drive and found a neat drive along the Platte River in the foothills.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Soccer Sunday

The Gladiators won their Sunday morning game, and played the tournament final this afternoon. We went and visited for the extended stay. The Gladiators made a good showing, but lost the final. Pics on Flickr.

Gary and Kathy Visit

Gary, my friend and roommate from college and med school, and his wife and our friend Kathy came to Denver to watch their son play in a soccer tournament. I took the opportunity to try and get some action sport shots. It's not as easy as it looks. I put the shots up on Flickr and you (Gary, Kathy, and Hunter)can share them as you like. I can't believe I didn't take pictures of us!
We had a couple of nice evenings out to dinner and really enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully we'll get together again soon.
I want to say that Gary did something truly marvelous and Heroic. A collegue had a liver disease and needed a transplant. Gary risked health and life to donate part of his liver, and had surgery this last March, and both are doing well. 3 cheers.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Trimwork Moving Along

Things are moving along. Some boulders were moved around up front of the house, and the front circle will be poured "soon". The air conditioning units were put in in the back of the house. The cooking ventilation duct for the hood over the cook top also was put in, with the ventilation fan up in the attic. It's been hot here for 3 weeks, and it must have been really hot up there for those guys.

Below, the top 2 pictures are of the bar area. The posts cover the support beams. The back cabinets will have "legs" similar to the ones put on the hallway hutch, with some additional trim add ons I bought.

The fireplace cabinets in the great room upstairs were also started. Above the mantel will be wood trimmed recesses, which have a top can light.

The master bedroom fireplace. Above, the bedroom side and below, in the sitting room.