Monday, August 25, 2008

New Things

We got a new puppy. Lori and I went to a puppy rescue, that takes in unwanted pups and puts them up for adoption. We just go in, pick which one we want, and make a donation. We got a feisty little guy that looks like part German Shepherd and part Husky, plus maybe some others. So far, he plays a bit, eats a bit, and sleeps a lot.

That took most of our Saturday. On Sunday, we stopped by the house to see what's new. More trim work wit hbase boards, around the fireplaces, and more work on the bar. So far it looks cool.

The guest master fireplace and builtins got finished up. Stone will go around the fireplace metal.

The master bath marble also was fitted and placed, Rainforest Brown.

The front driveway circle also was poured. The middle is left open as an island for landscaping plants and trees.

After our inspection, we were ready to take off for a drive and found a neat drive along the Platte River in the foothills.


Mike said...

Nice puppy! What's his name? And is Christmas at your house this year?

FamilyBergloff said...

Beautiful home in progress! I am simply doing some cabinets in my kitchen and my oh my.. I live in a split level. No comparison but I do relate to the getting it done and making decision stresses. None the less... And by the way thank you for the nice message on my blog in regards to my dog. It was nice to see someone pop in and extend your sympathies. I am truly heartbroken over this dog. Thanks and happy picture taking... I love taking pictures... it's fun to see if I get anything worth sharing.