Sunday, September 14, 2008

Errands and Things

Yesterday (Saturday), Lori and I went to a soapstone dealer. They were to have pulled a broken piece of soapstone so we could decide if we wanted it for a fireplace hearth in the dining room. Unfortunately, it wasn't set up and when we went in the guy didn't know what we were talking about. Fortunately, they got it straightened out. Usually, a whole slab has to be purchased, and we were hoping to get a remnant to fit. But they agreed to simply cut a piece to size. So it worked out well. But we still have to go back to pick out the piece.
Next, we had to go to the fireplace dealer. A mounting bracket was left off for one of the doors over the front of a fireplace, and we had to go to the store, then their warehouse to find a compatible bracket and switch it out.
I had a haircut appointment, and Lori waited in the car. Teddy has been getting up at about 5:30 every morning, and has cut in to some of our sleep. I came back to find Teddy and Lori napping. Max too, in the back.

We went out to the new house after. The rest of the granite is delivered, and they finished the guest master bath (no picture yet), and have the granite for the downstairs baths and upstairs mudroom and laundry room.

Puppies sleep a lot (not to mention leave lots of surprises when you're not watching).

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Backyard Wrestlemania

We went out to the house earlier to check on things. New stone delivery for the large fireplace, checked on some delivered granite slabs. No good pictures today. The dogs had fun after we got back however. I'm amazed how gentle Max is with Teddy, although it doesn't look it from the pictures. Teddy on the other hand likes to chew away at Max's ears and neck. No blood yet! Slideshow and a short video

Community Organizer

DLd from (language)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Rudi Speech

If nothing else, I think we could have had fun with Rudi still as a candidate. Best stuff starts 5:45 in.

What?! I love it.

Speaking of community organizer (see Rudi at 5:45), here's a good overview of Obama's type of "experience"