Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Trimwork Moving Along

Things are moving along. Some boulders were moved around up front of the house, and the front circle will be poured "soon". The air conditioning units were put in in the back of the house. The cooking ventilation duct for the hood over the cook top also was put in, with the ventilation fan up in the attic. It's been hot here for 3 weeks, and it must have been really hot up there for those guys.

Below, the top 2 pictures are of the bar area. The posts cover the support beams. The back cabinets will have "legs" similar to the ones put on the hallway hutch, with some additional trim add ons I bought.

The fireplace cabinets in the great room upstairs were also started. Above the mantel will be wood trimmed recesses, which have a top can light.

The master bedroom fireplace. Above, the bedroom side and below, in the sitting room.

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