Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Maples

We got a little bit of snow last night, about an inch or so.  It sure helps to keeps the dust down.  It's a lot better when Tucker ends up rolling in the snow instead of thick clay dust.  Although, mud isn't the best either.
Mom brought us some maple seedlings when they visited from Chicago last year.  A few got planted in the landscaped areas and didn't survive the transfer.  We had five remaining seedlings in a pot filled with the worst Colorado clay I think that she could find.  We were keeping them out in the garage, which is heated but not much light and so I brought them into Lori's "greenhouse" area in the basement, which they seem to like rather well.  All of a sudden we have leafed out plants in the middle of February.  We still have to transplant them into decent soil and individual planters soon.  I think we will leave them indoors, or as patio plants, for a few years.  Hopefully they can survive the altitude.
We also transplanted some of the lavender from the old house, as it seems very hardy and spreads nicely.  Those plants also like the heated floor of the greenhouse, and have new shoots and leaves.   The orchids probably won't go into the outdoor landscaping.

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