Friday, February 05, 2010

Howling at the Setting Moon

I was up and getting ready for work. Sunrise occurs after 7:00A, and as I was sitting down to check the latest spam in my Email in box I saw the moon getting ready to set in the west just as the mountains were catching the early rays of the rising sun, giving off a pink hue. I whipped up the tripod and caught the last of the moon.

The coyote came around, at the back of the house, and was howling up a storm. A couple of the dogs from the horse ranch were wandering around the area where he must have a den, and scared him over towards us. Those dogs a biggies, Kangals from the looks of them, and probably weigh more than 120 pounds. This guy and 3 of his friends wouldn't want to mess with them. He seems a loner, and we catch him going off to hunt cutting across the back area by the barbed wire fence fairly regularly. The dogs bark and keep him away usually, but he got pretty close here.

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