Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Own it Now

Yesterday, we signed the papers and got the long term loan. It was actually quite a good deal, at 5.6% for an interest only, non variable loan, with no origination. For a jumbo loan, that was quite a find and our banker was most helpful. I went to a couple other potential sources and nobody could touch it. I was sweating it out, with the situation with banks and credit I was afraid I'd be stuck getting something much higher, or struggling to get any loan. Now we just have to sell the current house.

The concrete floors are going to be acid stained this week, which will give a stone look to them. Lori and I spent yesterday and today taping off all the baseboards. That was a lot of bending and crawling on concrete, and tonight I'm sore, to put it mildly. We got pretty worn out, cleaning off the floors and with all the taping. No pics of the house, we were too tired by the time we finished.

Here I am in the recovery process. Max made sure I wasn't disturbed.

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TonyAsch said...

we are proud of you.
Let us know if we can help.
Mom and Dad