Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ovens, Staining and Such

We checked out the house for new stuff. Almost done. The floors need to be stained, and more touch up. Appliances started going in, we'll wait for the floor to get finished.

Max and Teddy are ready to go. If they have to wait, they know where the driver's seat is. I hope they don't learn to honk the horn.

Remember this picture?

Here he is again, only bigger. He really likes the rides now.

But maybe doesn't like my driving!

Below, the Wolf Ovens and microwave drawer.

Touch up painting and staining was done. Some areas got their first coat, including the framing outside the front door. Finally, it looks finished off.
The lights are temporary, and after we get the outside lights these will go to Habitats for Humanity. There are about 19 in all.

I believe all the custom cabinet doors are now in and stained. The doors to the fireplace built in are here. The ones on the left are hideaway.

The doors on the bottom are open, with the plan for speakers to go behind and cloth will cover the opening.

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Tom said...

John- You have a very nice house. My wife and are about 6 months into owning our first home- we love it. Thanks for following "The Ohio Nature Blog"!