Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stained Concrete

The basement concrete floors got stained this week. It took 4 days, with a day for cleanup, 2 days to lay down the covering thin layer of high density concrete and stain it, and a day for clean up removing all the protective tape and plastic from the wood. It has a rich brown color. The pictures add some red that's not prominent with a live view.

This week, the wood floors should be stained. The painters will also come back in for final touch up.

In the dining room, a hearthstone was placed in front of the fireplace. Earlier, remote controls were put in for the fireplaces and the covers all finished. The remote controls have on off as expected, but also have a thermostat control. If the temp gets below a set level, the remotes will turn on the fireplace. This can work for spot heating and will turn up the heat faster than waiting for the radiant heat, or keep the house warm if the main heating should ever go out.

Other interesting stuff in the house:

Finished great room fireplace wall and cabinets.

Steam Shower seamless glass.

Powder Room. I'll need to get a better picture of the faucets and granite sink

Hallway Hutch

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