Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

We hope everyone had a nice celebratory feast and get together. We miss you all.

Here's the updates: Lori ordered the sinks and they were delivered this week. We're going to have copper sinks in the kitchen, dining room "bar" sink, and a couple of the bedrooms, and one of the powder rooms. We also decided on a natural stone sink, which is rough stone on the outside and polished in. It should compliment the rest of the house style well.

The stone is rough on the outside and polished in. It's about 18 inches across. The colors came out much more then we expected, and looks pretty cool

The "pond sink" depicts pond flora and fauna, of course. The relief on the figures is prominant and the whole look is prettiy unique. It's about 18 inches across and will sit atop an antiqued cabinet.

This sink is a prep sink and will be in the kitchen island. It's about 20 inches across interior and will be an undermount. The pine cones were thrown in for free.

The great room ceiling is finished up. It looks good, and staining should dramatize the effect nicely. The beams will match the other woodwork (cabinets, doors etc) and the tongue in groove will be lighter and match the floor.

Great room ceiling back to front above, front to back below.

The floor is started, and in fact about 2/3 done. There are some nice wide plank pieces. So far the great room floor and hallway are finished, as well as the master bedroom, and they've started into the sitting room, kitchen and dining room. The wood in the finished areas is being covered with protective matting, so a full view is not available.

No good views for the floor, since it gets covered wherever the wood has been finished up. Just imagine the few boards you see across the whole floor.

The interior doors also were delivered. They should start installing the lower level doors this week, and finish up the wood floor. Tile floors upstairs come next I think, as well as the fireplace mantle, built ins and then stone.

Chapman likes his yard and doesn't care when we move.

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