Monday, March 17, 2008

Ceiling and Mantel

Carpenters have been working on the ceiling. That's included tongue-in-groove boards and placement of the "beams". It's surprising how much time goes into setting up the scaffolding, unfortunately because of the room dimensions it can't always be simply rolled and has to be reassembled. The ceiling is 24 feet up. The beams are really boxes built around the boards already set into the ceiling. So far, we're pretty happy with the look.

Above is a view of the ceiling towards the front, finished on the right. The left section is the only section left without the tongue-in-groove.

Above is the view towards the back of the room. Finished beams are on the left side of the picture and down the length.

The mantel beam also was delivered. This is a real beam, 16'4" long and 10"X10". it weighs about 350 pounds. The columns adjacent to the fireplace will be notched and the mantel set in. Once that's in, the carpenters will start on the built in cabinets, and then the stone goes on.
The floor boards start getting placed this week as well, and into the great room once the scaffolding is out.

The mantel will sit about 20-24" above the top of the fireplace. Building code will set a minimum clearance above the FP opening.

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