Sunday, January 06, 2008

Upper Level Heating; Texture

The walls have all been textured. That involved slopping plaster over the drywall and scraping it around a bit. Once painted, it will have the look of "old world" plasterwork, but not as thick. It looked to take some skill to do, and one person did the whole house with the other guys setting up the scaffolding, preparing the plaster etc. It took 5000 lbs of plaster overall (I don't know if that's wet or dry!). The texture doesn't show up well with photos.

On the upper level, "sleeper" boards were laid out. The heating tubes are arrayed in between. Once finished, we'll run the system for a few days to assure that there is good flow of the heat through the tubes, then the concrete will be poured over. The hardwood floor is nailed to the sleepers.

Lori and I met with the "tile guy" and went over the layouts of all the rooms. He'll likely do the stone over the fireplace as well, after the concrete and before the wood floors.

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