Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa Likes Me

Tried out my new toy tonight. We got 10 inches of snow on Christmas, so I decided finally to buy a snow blower. I bought a 12 HP 33 inch w X 23 inch h beast. 6 forward gears and 2 reverse. It's way overkill for the current drive, but will come in handy for the new house.

It was delivered today. Some minor prep setup required. Just in time, I got it ready. We got another 8-10 inches today.

It took a little effort getting used to the controls, and how to avoid getting a facefull of snow when I turned into the wind. Once I got used to it, things went pretty quick The snow gets thrown up to 40 feet. I took it out to the street to try some heavy compact stuff. Didn't slow down at all.

We had a nice dinner for Christmas. Missed the folks back in Chicago. Mom and Dad had a houseful, sounds like. Lori likes her new warm-up suit. It matches the one she's wearing, but the new one is better. Thanks Mom.

New House Update: Texturing has started, and in fact the upper level is already done. Haven't been there to see. They will start placing the "sleeper" boards on the floor, and place the heating tubes between. The floor boards get nailed to the sleepers.

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