Sunday, December 16, 2007


The drywall is up. The next step is texturing, basically covering up the screw holes and heads, taping the spaces between the drywall boards, and smearing plaster over everything. I went through the house today to find outlets that were mistakenly covered. I had gone through the house already and took about 150 pictures of all the wiring, vents, pipes, etc so when these mistakes got made it wouldn't take too much figuring to locate the covered item. However, the house looks a lot different now that everything is covered and it took some 3 dimensional thinking to remember what wall every picture was of. I found several covered outlets. No covered vents as far as I know.
On top is the great room as viewd from the entry foyer.

Vew into the kitchen from the hall/formal dining

View of the kitchen area from the great room.

More pictures at Flickr. Click on the pictures for more info.

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