Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Floor Poured

Concrete was poured yesterday throughout the upper level. The house must have gotten cold because the doors were wide open and it was 8 degrees out when they poured. We took a look today, and it's already set and hard, and it seemed warm enough inside. The upstairs heat isn't running yet, but the heat from downstairs seems to cover it adequately! We may have had overkill on the heating, but it should be very efficient. It looks like they did a good job and were neat with the job. The sleeper boards show through, and the wood floor will be nailed to those boards.
They were supposed to put insulation over the pipes where the refrigerator and island will be. I didn't make it out to check on them (now it's covered and we'll never know). Lori was quick enough to realize that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to pump heat under the refrigerator. The heating guys didn't come up with it, and we were disappointed by that. Who knows what else might be missed.

No sleepers in the nook/mudroom. This will be a tile floor.

The wood floor gets delivered in about 2 weeks, and has to sit a week to acclimatize. Next steps will be some tiling, doors, start some trim, start the stone wall around the fireplaces.

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