Sunday, April 22, 2007

Front columns, stucco "cement", and stairs

The front columns got framed in. They're about 9 feet high. These will be wrapped, wired, and have stone applied. The posts sticking out the tops will be built out to look like they have a "hefty" beam coming out to hold up the entry way. All for looks!
To the left , around the garage doors, is what the cement looks like after it's applied. The stucco is spread over that. This seals the house in pretty tight. No much air gets through, and we have air exchangers so fresh air will get into the house.

Underneath, pine boards were put in. The ceiling in the great room will have those too.

The roof tile is almost finished. They're going to leave some off the front until the chimney and front pop-up get finished. Those will have the stone look.

Stairs finally got put in. These will get covered with the same wood as the floor boards. Since it's pine, thicker boards had to be ordered to make the side boards stronger for support. Posts and rails go on later.

Chapman stayed home today, and enjoyed the weather, the grass, and the shady apple tree.

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