Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 12, 07

The front columns were stoned over. Waterproofing paper was placed over the plywood, then the wire, then cement, then the stone. Grout goes in later. They left roof tiles away from the pop up and the chimney, and stone will be put up there, then the final touches for the roof.

In the back, a "garage style" door was put in the cut out of the concrete retaining wall. I'll use this as a shed for storage. There's no connect to the inside of the house so it will be good for storing outside gear and lawn mower, as well as smoking cigars.

Inside, it measures about 14X 14 ft. We'll put gravel in there for a floor.

Chapman is all happy it's spring. He's sleeping outside and has the whole yard now to wander around. I don't think he's missing that snow much.

Here's a little friend from our back planter. There seems to be a snake "family", and we've seen a couple of young ones around. I think they keep the cricket count down .
Check out flickr, the fireplaces were delivered and put into the framed areas.

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