Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stucco, Stone, Roof

After much delay for various reasons, including the weather, things have gotten going again. On the inside, the framer has replaced a number of warped boards, I guess which is expected. The electrician has placed lighting boxes,wall outlet boxes, and switches, and will start pulling wire later this week. The heating/ventilation guys have put in some of the fan ducts, and the fireplace guy installed the vents through the roof.

On the outside, over all the doors and windows (except the windows that have peaks) headers were placed. These are 1 inch thick cedar boards. They are laid into metal flashing, and are mostly decorative but help with water repelling.
The house was wrapped with heavy tar paper. This helps seal the house and also is water repellent. Over this goes a wire mesh. This covers all the house except the roof (and windows and doors of course). The wire mesh holds an over coat of "cement", which will act as a further sealant and also a base over which goes the stucco or stone. This should really make the house tight.

Around all the windows and sliding doors, and over the paper and mesh, Styrofoam strips are used as a frame. The cement and then stucco is layered over these, to give added dimension and help seal as well.

Above, a picture of the entry. The front columns are framed in. These get plywood over them, and then the same paper and mesh, with stone going over the top of them.

To the right, part of the roof that was started is visible. 40% of the roof is done, then an inspection is done to make sure it's done right before it can be finished. Unfortunately, but par for the course, the crew goes to another job while waiting. They also had to install a few more vents before the roof could be finished.

Underneath the entry roof, plywood is fitted. Pine slats will be nailed to this

A close up of the paper and wire mesh.

Also before they finish the roof, this has to be finished up. Cement over it and then stone.

In the back, we had a hole cut in the cement retaining wall. This was a 12ft x 12 ft area adjacent to the foundation. Over the top is the covered patio. This should come in handy for outside storage, and has no connection to the inside of the house. The cement will be covered with stucco and maybe stone across the lower parts. There will be a small garage style pull up door.

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