Sunday, March 08, 2009

Walkin' on the Stained Floors

Today we could walk on the floors, but in our socks. I have a feeling Lori's going to make me do that from now on anyways. They look good, with another coat of tung oil to go.

Of course, no socks for the dogs so they had to wait outside. We did some dust cleanup as there was more sawdust blown around, and then I took the dogs for a hike out to the back 40, yards that is.

The powder room turned out well. We lined the wall to the level of the vanity with slate, and the floor as well. It's honed, which brings out cool patterns in the stone. The colors match the sink, which is a half boulder of I don't know what, but it has nifty color hues on the inside.

The paint color isn't as peachy as this looks.

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