Saturday, March 28, 2009

March goes out Like a Lion

On Thursday we had one of our great spring snowstorms, with a foot of snow falling through the day. We closed the office at noon. I had the morning off due to a late cancellation of a Hearing I was to attend, which worked out well in view of the storm. I scheduled a meeting with Doug to do a walk through on the heating system. The air handlers/exchangers finally got up and running and we went through the house to review any troubleshooting I might have to do and went over the controls for the handlers. He was impressed with them, indicating that they can turn over the air in the house every couple of hours, and they work pretty well getting the varnish smell that is still present out of the house. The filters on the units are very thorough and will keep the air inside "super clean" as they cycle in from outside. They are very efficient as well, and the heat loss is minimal.
I had to drive to the office after that, and although it was blizzard conditions it didn't take that long because most people were smart enough to get off the roads by then. Unfortunately, I had a report deadline and had to get in to review a file and get it done. The office was already closed by the time I was done and the roads were empty for the return trip, so even though there was already 8-9 inches of snow on the ground the trip was easy. I even drove back to the new house to drop off some lights I had loaded in the landcruiser. They filled the cargo area and I wanted to clear them out. Move in should be coming up.
Today, we went furniture shopping to price a bedroom set and a few other pieces. Tomorrow we have to go and take some measurements to be sure everything will fit.

Our next door neighbor had the opportunity to get out the snowblower and for the first time all season really needed it, sort of. He did the sidewalks up and down the street and did the drive across the street as they were out of town. Fortunately for me, all the snow has melted from the paved surfaces already and I didn't have to bother.

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