Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting Towards the Finish

Plumbing and electrical have been moving along. On Friday, caulking started around all the doors, windows, wood etc, and plaster/drywall repair was done yesterday. The painters will come in soon to do finish up painting and staining. A few cabinet doors were redone for better fit and need to be stained, and some cabinet repair was done.
One cabinet in the kitchen had to be cut to fit the cooktop, had to be taken out and to the "shop" and will be delivered tomorrow and then appliances will start to go in. The ones that go on the floor like the refrigerator will wait until the floor is stained, which will be last.
A few glitches still. The foyer chandelier had a canopy too wide for the beam, and a new one is being made. In the meantime, it sits on top of the scaffolding. A heating tube had a very small leak, and caused a stain on the wood. Boards were pulled, cement cut and the leak cut out and the tube was spliced, with new concrete over it. Hopefully the extra floorboards we have will be enough and a good fit. The floor, by the way, looks really rustic with long and wide pieces, just as we had hoped. It's been covered all this time and this is the first good look of the floor as a whole.

Glass shades still to go on. I think this thing weighs over 100 pounds. The ceiling was reinforced. It looks big up close, 4.5 feet from the bottom to top ring.

Ripped up floorboards to fix a leak.

Lori puts lightbulbs into the island chandelier. It has iron branches with pinecones etc. I think it looks like bunched up Christmas lights in a pine tree, but it works with the rest of the decor. Behind her is the finished hood with stone over a wood beam. Under is a pot filler. The open space is where the cabinet that is being repaired will go, cooktop on top. Backsplash will be done later when we decide what will look best.

Most of the plumbing is in. We did have a cracked toilet and a cast iron sink had cracked porcelain, and will have to be replaced.

In the great room, two ceiling fans with up and down lights. They do a nice job highlighting the wood ceiling. The down lights effectively light the room.

We had outside shades installed a while ago, but the power just got hooked up. They are controlled remotely, with one for each of 3 vertical sets of windows. They should be helpful keeping out XS warmth and light during the hot summer mornings and early afternoons.

The railings for the stairway are half way in. The rest to go in this week. Branches and aspen leaf look.

The fireplace built-ins match the interior doors in look. The ones on the left need special hardware as they are going to be hideaway, and we're waiting for that to arrive soon.

The shower plumbing is in. The steam unit control is on the right. Wire is in and it has to be mounted.

We ran out of money and had to use light bulbs for now. Mom? Dad? Actually, ceiling fan will go there.(Just joking Mom) Light bulb for now to get our occupancy.

Dining room lighting is unique, and looks very warm, which goes with the paint's mood.

One of our neighbors checking us out. We're going to have to watch out for coyote packs.

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