Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I haven't posted in a while, as Mom and Dad have let me know. Since the last post we all went on a family cruise to the Caribbean and had a great time. After we got back I was working on the special project, putting together a coffee table book with all the pictures and narrative by Linda and Family, Mike and Jody, and Lori with myself. The link is to the Blurb website, but don't get tempted to buy the book just yet. That is a proof copy, and the final will get posted in a couple of days, hopefully by the 28th. UPDATE: Final copy is now in at the link.
Work on the house has been progressing. The wood was all stained and finished. Currently, the electrician is adding all the fixtures, switches, plugs, and hooking everything up. The plumber has started adding all the appropriate fixtures, and the wood guys are now installing the drawers and cabinet doors with the hinges, sliders, etc. Everything is still very dusty, but since they are still doing some cutting they don't want to clean it all up yet.

Door handles have been mounted and all the doors are up. The stain looks great.

Below is a view from the kitchen to the dining room. Stone will go above the fireplace mantel also. To the right is the hutch, next to the swing doors.

This view is down the hall, dining room left and kitchen right. The drawers are in but the covers need to go on. The midddle cabinets doors will have glass.

Next is the great room. The ceiling is the same stain but at 25% strength. The mantle and columns also, but they came out darker due to the rough cut wood. We were tempted to go with a darker stain and are glad we listened to the painter.

The kitchen faucets compliment the copper sink, and Lori picked some very fancy sconces.

The master bathroom is painted a chocolate brown. The brown brings out the color of the countertops and minimalizes some color differences between the different slabs. In real view, it goes great with the wood and floors as well as the fixtures.

The cabinet work in the mudroom turned out well. This is a closet for coats etc, convenient next to the garage. The sink backsplash fits in nicely. The stone is the same stuff as the floor.

Study above, dining room below

Master bedroom sitting room.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John & Lori
I just got my update & always enjoy seeing the shots to keep me up with what life in Colorado is like. Almost like being there!

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with Mike & Emily for the entire week - they left yesterday - - Everyone in the family is doing well - except for those recovering from the flew that blew thru the area after Christmas - - I was one of the victims. I'm working on year end bookkeeping stuff and hope that 2009 will be a better year for all of our portfolios. Thank God business is going good. I hope you benefit from the lower interest rates so there's a bright side to waiting for your home's completion. It sure looks like a wonderful vacation resort you get to enjoy every day! Have fun with decorating it. I really like the picture of your puppy leaning over the seat to give you a hug. Awe!
Too bad the poodle had to go. I'll bet he selected his new family after hearing from the other dogs barking in the neighborhood telling how lucky your dogs are!

Love ya,
Happy New Year!