Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trimwork Starting

After some more delays and slowness, the trim guys restarted upstairs. We're waiting on an order of wood and supplies. The kitchen ceiling isn't started yet. Lori and I got the appliances for the kitchen ordered yesterday. We also started looking for hardware for the doors and cabinets. We saw a front door handle/lock that we liked a lot for the style and quality, until we found out it was $1600. We figured that was somewhat excessive for our needs.

Outside, some boulders got moved around and a few were placed in the driveway circle. These will be in an "island" in the turnaround with plants and trees. They also fortified the slope on the approach with boulders as retaining walls. I'll update with a picture later on that.

Footers were poured for the perimeter of the front patios, with concrete blocks layed out to hold in the patio. The concrete will go up to the bottom two levels, and above will form a sitting wall. That will be fronted with stone to match the other veneer.

Patio off the dining room, looking across the front entry

Front covered porch

The patio areas are larger than we pictured, which was a nice surprise. Blocking out the layout gives a different perspective, and it has turned out better than I initially was expecting (so far).

Inside, the upper level doors are mostly installed. They look good and should look great with the stain. Lots of glass in the doors keeps it open looking inside and keeps the light throughout. It stays very light.

These doors are viewed from the hall looking into the dining room. A fireplace is to the right and another set of similar doors on the other side. They swing in.

This view is from the hallway looking to the master bedroom. A set of double doors opens to a "vestibule". Looking straight through are the double sliding/pocket doors for the bath area. To the left is the bedroom.

From the sitting room into the master bedroom

Double door into the study from the front foyer. Behind me is an identical set into the dining room, another entry way than the double long glass doors.

The master shower tile work is moving along. Grouting has to be done. The light tile is travertine. The diamond tiles are "rain forest" marble, along with the seat and the border trim. Looks very nice so far.

The tape is holding up the upper tiles until the mortar dries.

The counter tops and tub deck will have the same rainforest marble.

While waitng for the wood delivery, they started installing cabinets. This is the laundry room. The wood is alder, same as all the rest will be. These cabinets are a little lighter than the rest, as we went with a downgrade model in the laundry and it didn't come with the black highlight stain that we used on the rest.

Coming up, more trim around windows and doors, kitchen ceiling and cabinets.

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