Sunday, July 22, 2007

Retaining wall complete

The wall got finished up (mostly) and looks really good. This should shelter the back yard well. A path will go down the upper level from the patio/deck to the back yard instead of stairs from the deck. Capstones will go across the top level of the wall. These will match what will sit on top of the columns.
I met with the heating/ventilation contractor last weekend to discuss placement of the AC, ducts and vents. We are also put in air to air heat exchangers. Since the house has radiant heat and is sealed, there is no outside air coming in as there would be with central forced air. The exchangers allow in fresh air without losing a lot of heat in winter or cool air in summer.
The roof is still not done. There seems to be a problem with the metal to fit over the entry. No leaks though. This can be frustrating.

Chapman seems content, however, to stay in the same yard.

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