Sunday, July 08, 2007

Retaining wall

New for the week is the retaining wall. It starts at the end of the concrete foundation retaining wall where the door was cut for a "shed", and goes about 25 feet down past the deck. It will be about 4.5 feet for the lower section, with a second wall above it and set back a couple of feet which will be about 4 feet high. Eventually it will be filled in behind with dirt to allow a pathway from the patio to the back yard.
So far this is about 4 days work. We don't know how many guys are working on it but they do have a little bobcat loader. Should finish up this week.
The roof? Hasn't been touched further. The metal for the entry was dropping off. I guess it has to be aged first.

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Tony Aschberger said...

Looks good and should be quite private when it's done.
The stonework looks good.