Saturday, August 12, 2006

Basement slab

The basement slab got poured, covering the radiant heat tubing. The day of the pour we had a tremendous thunderstorm and it poured down rain. The roof wasn't sealed yet, so the builder ran around like a nut to cover the upper floor with tarp to avoid dripping to the new concrete and causing water drop dimples. I told him it would have been easier to put something over the roof, and as outlined below he did.
The slab looks good though and they've already started roughing in for the rooms. It's pretty interesting. The walls are outlined by boards glued to the floor. The actual walls are anchored into and hung by the rafters overhead. A spike is driven across the bottom board of the wall and into the glued board. If the concrete heaves, there are about 3 inches of room and the walls will not be affected.
All photos on flickr.

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