Sunday, April 30, 2006

Framing 2

Framing continues. We went out and met up with the master framer, George. Lori and I looked over things, and saw some need for quick changes. The biggest was the great room windows. Unfortunately, a large header blocked off the main view of the bluffs in back as we walked from the foyer area to the great room. That's something we couldn't really anticipate from the plans. Fortunately, some quick measurements and the changes are made easily. Shrink the header size, raise it up a foot, raise the bottom level a bit, perhaps increase the size of the window and it's done. Much easier to do now in the rough stage than later when more solid walls are in. They'll meet up with the window specialist to get final measurements and order windows and doors later this week. Other changes included moving a wall in the master closet and moving a linen closet, and shifting a door to the garage. We also widened a doorway, so most important doorways will be 36 inches wide for handicapped access, if ever needed or for resale.

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