Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowstorm Elk

  A pair of elk wandered past during a recent snowstorm.

I think they were checking out some better looking things to eat on our side of the fence.  I recently put put some ultrasonic scare devices with motion detectors to keep them out of the yard.  No elk in the yard as of late, but they move about haphazardly and it's hard to tell how effective it's been.  So far so good I guess.

Here are some elk pictures from warmer days.

Lori took these shots after a quick storm blew through.  We're missing the green.

Here's the storm on the way in.

Debbie came by to visit.  We had her busy working on the garden.  She's getting in shape to come back and do some more, already doing her gardening in Sacramento.

Notice the yard sculptures.  A local nursery was going out of business and they went and "saved" a bunch of money on the good deals.

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