Sunday, November 01, 2009

Another October Blast

We had quite the snowstorm last week. It started Tuesday night and it didn't stop snowing until Thursday night. On wednesday most of my appointments cancelled. I think I might have had 5 out of 17. On Thursday, the snow was so high I couldn't get out of the drive, with four foot drifts blowing across the bottom part of the drive.
Fortunately, we had a snow removal service ready to go and it was plowed. We had shut down the office for the day, and I had all day to play in the snow with my shovel.
We got about 2 feet total, but the wind was blowing pretty hard for most of the storm and it tended to drift.
On Friday temps were in the upper 40's and the snow started to fade, and yesterday, 10/31, we hit over 60, and the snow piles have gone down considerably. On the back deck, which catches the early and afternoon sun with the walls heating up nicely, Lori saw the thermometer at 85 degrees. I was out there clearing the snow away from the walls and doors, but the sun did most of the work.

Great Room view out the back to the east. The storm is raging with a white out.
The dogs had a blast, blowing wind and all.
Here they had to decide who was "it"
This much snow at the back of the house, about halfway through the storm.

The snow on the front porch built up fast. No, that's not a keg under my coat, it's called layering around here.
Max got tired of all the fun pretty quick.

View off the front porch. The drift is about 3 feet.

Sun at last. The dogs like the snow even more this way.

Sunrise this morning. The amount of melting already is remarkable. The way things were gpoing I thought we'd have this snow until April.

More storm pics at Flickr

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