Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're Just a Little Crazy

We stopped in at a Petsmart last Sunday to pick up some supplies and a man, who had a cute little bundle on a leash, let us know this was an opportunity he hated to have to pass up. He introduced us to "Rodney", a little beagle mix who took an immediate liking to me. I was thinking about getting a third dog, but had something bigger and who would be more protective of the other dogs to ward off any inquisitive coyotes, of which we seem to have plenty of around here.
But this little guy literally stole our hearts, and we put in our names for his adoption and we got a call by the next day, and he was ours. He's perfect, now that we renamed him Tucker. Teddy and Tucker became quick friends, and now Max can go about the day without having to entertain Teddy.
What timing. Two days after we took Tucker home we got an E mail from our friend Jen, asking if we'd be willing to take in her dog Deuce. He's a Brittany, and Lori has wanted another one for quite some time, and before long he was added to the "pack". Deuce has already bonded in and is part of the household.
Four dogs is a challenge, and feeding time is an exercise in coordination keeping all the different bowls and portions straight. Walks have gone well, and the dogs have fun exploring and chasing one another. All the dogs have learned to respond to a clicker and come, for the most part, on command. It's been great, except I get to go out for the walks morning and night, rain, snow or shine.

Here's Tucker showing off for Max as he leaps the dry creek in the hunt for whatever.

Tucker, Deuce, Teddy and Max ready for a ride to the old house. We raked leaves and did yard/garden cleanup, as well as loaded up stuff from the basement.

I expect that these guys will keep us busy enough, since we don't have enough to do now that the house is done (snark).

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