Sunday, October 05, 2008

Slowly Getting There

The trim work is still going on. Mostly just small stuff. The bar has been finished up, and they are working on a thick wood counter space between the kitchen and great room. Haven't seen it yet. It was fitted and taken to the shop for a final sanding.

The piece above is an anchor piece, and the final counter fits over it. We had a debate about the shape. The edges will be rounded, and so far we like the idea.
In the hallway, the hutch had a few touches added, trim over the top, molding, and a rounded overhang above the open top.

The stonework has finally started over the fireplace. The hearthstones were delivered, and capstone for the columns. The color looks good and should look great once the wood is stained.

They tried to install the front door. Unfortunately, one of the sidelights got dropped and broke apart, apparently into a gazillion pieces. That's been remade and is currently being stained. The part that's in looks good.

Teddy is growing fast. When we got him 4 weeks ago he weighed 7 pounds, and he's currently at 19. We started puppy training school, and he seems smart and is picking up commands fast.

Sunday drive running errands and out to the house.

Max seems to be getting along well, although occasionally gets annoyed.

The weather changes tonight. Hopefully the garden will keep. It's been looking nice for a fall garden.

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