Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Built-Ins and Trim Work

All the lavender is blooming and the bees love it. What are the odds the house will be ready when the blooms are done?
Anyway, the trim carpenters have been busy, although we still seem to only have a half crew. I met with the landscaper who is only moving around boulders for now, and we have to place a few more of the big ones then the driveway should be going in.

I found a site on the web that makes custom wood pieces, including a variety of table and island legs. The wood is the same as the rest of the house, alder. For the overhang of the island I bought 2 legs, which fit very well and matched the standard height. The carpenters will connect them with more support for the top. I also ordered a third leg for additional support and looks. The stain crew will match the color with the island cabinets.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a recess at the end of the hallway where we're putting a built in hutch. This will have drawers at the bottom and cabinets on top. I ordered half legs from the same site, and those are applied to the front of the hutch and the carpenters finished around the base. We've been pleased with the craftmanship so far.

Drawers will be made to fit in the lower section. Cabinets go on top, and wood backing covers the area of drywall still visible. At the top, a front will go to the ceiling and we'll put some type of carving over that.

Stairway posts and railings. The tops need to be finished up. THe ballisters will have the look of branches and leaves. A sample was brought in, shown below. "Leaves" will be welded to the branches.

Basement great room above. The mantel is 10 inches deep and the wall will be finished with stone, with wood cabinets to either side. A platform will hold our large tv console that we have now, to the left of the fireplace.
Below is the master bath. The platform for the tub has panels to match the cabinets. Those are removable to access the tub "equipment" underneath.

Lori in the study above and below. This is mostly done. Cabinet doors and shelving will be fitted.

Dining room 2 pictures above. The trim around the fireplace needs a little finishing, with wood over the drywall still showing.
Below, the mudroom. On top, the sink cabinets with small cabinets adjacent to the window. Below that, the elevator door with a closet to the right. To the left of the door a bench for shoes, and over that cabinets with a wood mount for hooks underneath.

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