Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Stuff by the End of June

Somebody broke into our garage (actually, crawled under the main door that was partially open to let it cool down and I forgot to close it), and stole my new snow blower and stole my camera from the landcruiser. Thus, a new camera was required. It has lots of buttons and thingies and seems very complicated, but takes very nice pictures so far with many adjustments possible. The manual makes for interesting reading. It is an Olympus E3. All the previous lenses work with it.

Max is ready to go check it out, says "let's GO"

The kitchen counter tops are in. The island will require custom legs to support the overhang. The copper sinks look great, and the soapstone has great looking green
veins running through that look almost like jade. The island slate has the green grey hue that contrasts very well with the black highlight island cabinet. Unfortunately, everything has a thick layer of sawdust on it at the moment so you won't be able to tell, but trust me, it looks cool.

The carpenters have been slowly working on the trim work, building the "built ins" in the study, dining room and mud room. The study should be impressive, if I say so myself.

The study above. The back wall will have a desk top for the computer, shelves and cabinets. The ceiling has cross beams with can lights between and a spot for a ceiling fan in the middle. Below, the wall opposite the entry with shelves with a wood surround around the in wall studio fireplace.

Below, the dining room. On the left wall a built in cabinet with serving counter and sink. The fireplace also has a wood surround and will have a stone top hearth. To the right, window frames to hold (eventually) etched glass.

The front door and sidelight have been stained. There are about 5 coats of stain and several coats of polyurethane over that. I think they applied one coat per day. Lori helps give perspective to the size of the door (she's 5ft 1 in). The hinges will have to be well oiled, this thing is heavy!

And finally, the porches have been poured. We had the front smoothed in anticipation that we may eventually stain it. They look good, and for the front the facing will be finished with stone.

Above, the back patio under the main deck. Below, under the master deck.

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