Thursday, November 22, 2007

Phoenix Redux

Scott, Bob, Chuck and myself took another long weekend trip down to Phoenix, Nov 10-14. We stayed at an Embassy Suites on Stonecreek golf course, where we had breakfast every day (and better than my usual powerbar), watched a lot of football, relaxed in the great weather, and had a good fun round of golf. I don't have to talk any smak, the scorecard says it all for me and Chuck. Scott and Bob made a good run of it with the last holes. I think the heat was getting to the winning team, but in the end we held on for a solid win.

View from our balcony

Nuff Said

A view of my office and what greeted me after I got back. The boxes are records of only 2 different cases that I had to review.

Coloradohouse at Flickr has the rest of my pictures, and I'm expecting more from the rest of the guys.

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