Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Rails, Deck and Paint

The decking was placed. Before they did this, a lot the beams underneath had to be replaced because they were warped. They were then stained. We decided to stain all the wood to match the stain of the front door, fruitwood stain. The final stain on the door will have a more "finished" look than the other rougher wood. The garage doors got the same look.
The gutters and face boards are painted to match the window frames. This is a dark brown bronze.

The deck railing also was placed. These are solid pieces of hammered steel. The finish is "oil rubbed bronze" and they are powder coated for outdoor protection. Turned out very nice. The columns will get finished in the stone.
On the inside, we're waiting for inspection and then will begin insulation. We're doing spray in fiberglass. The wall will have an R-22 insulation rating, compared to an R-19 with the fiberglass rolls. The spray in assures good fill in to all the nooks that rolls might not get. The Attic/ceiling will have an R-38 rating.
Foam insulation already is in, place around all the windows and electrical outlets that went to the outside. It's a neat process, with the foam injected in. It hardens to Styrofoam consistency.

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