Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snow Day

We have a blizzard in Denver today. It started snowing at 6:00AM, with the storm expected to last 30 hours. By noon we closed the office, it was snowing 2 inches an hour and we weren't going to have any patients anyway.
I stayed longer to do paper work, and left at 2:30. I hoped traffic would have cleared, but cars were getting stuck in the foot of snow that had already fallen. Most had trouble getting stuck on inclines. I fortunately had pants and a coat for outdoor activity, and towed 6-7 cars with the Landcruiser up the hills to get them going, otherwise everyone would have been just parked.
I'm going to save the driveway for tomorrow. More pictures on flickr (click on "blizzard" above). I also included the office decorations for Christmas. The front desk worked pretty hard on them this year.
More pictures of the storm aftermath tomorrow with the sun.
Lori's been clearing out a "special place" for the dogs in the yard. The snows been too deep for them.

Christmas Cards are going to be late!

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